Tour Modules

Build your own trip with our tour modules.

Rose Travel Service offers a number of bite-size Vietnam modules which are designed to be linked together to create your longer holiday.

To build your own holiday, simply take a look at "Holidays Type" or "Destinations" menu for inspiration, choose from our selection of tours, and send request to us.


RT-311 Sapa Intermediate Trek 1 night homestay

Sapa is the premier hill station in northern  and an incredible place for trekking lovers.  This has been a crossroads for millennia for Vietnamese, Chinese, and a diverse array of minority groups, all of whom have left the stamp of their cultures.


RT-310 Sunday Market

Exploring the colorful markets in the mountains makes for an exciting day trip from Sapa. Leaving early, you have the chance to see the sunrise as you head through indescribable mountain scenery and watch as the local villages wake up.


RT-309 Living in a Red River Delta Ancient Village

This tour takes you to one of the few remaining old villages in Northern. Unlike most communities near Hanoi that have succumbed to rapid urbanization, Ky Son and Duong Lam village is known as the best preserved villages in Vietnam in terms of its ancient architecture and the unique character of its people.


RT-308 Mai Chau valley Vs Pu Luong reserve

Pu Luong nature reserve is all about nature and deeply rooted ethnic cultures.


RT-307 Backroads To Cuc Phuong And Ninh Binh (2D)

Located 160km south of Hanoi, Cuc Phuong National Park is home to rare and endangered mammals including leopards, langurs, birds and butterflies.


RT-306 Hanoi Handicraft Villages

The Hanoi vicinity has many handicraft villages that you can visit. These villages specialize in a wide variety of crafts ranging from the making of conical 'non' hats to the production of fine lacquer wares.