Uniquely-Designed Tours

You will find here our uniquely-designed tours which focus on exclusive access and “very chic” experiences. Rose Travel provides experiences most travelers never have!

We create memorable and authentic experiences.

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Whether your interest is the food and culture, painting and photography, the excitement of Hoi An over the holidays, diving into the crystal ocean, touring the colorful markets or attending one of the many festivals in Vietnam, we can design a once in a lifetime experience for you.

We provide unique culinary and cultural adventures, as well as destination honeymoons.

Enjoy a hidden and unspoiled beach. Tour the market streets and shops of Hoi An, with someone who knows where to find the hidden gems. Sunset cocktail on beach. Enjoy a BBQ on the paddy field.  Attend a little known local festival. Have a private wine tasting. Stylish picnic. Early floating breakfast on river. Pick vegetable on a local farm. Homecooking with a local chef. Take a romantic river cruise with relaxation. Jeep riding. Stay in an exclusive retreat or friendly homestay. Find your bliss with Rose Travel!

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RT-018 Hoi An Sunset Cruise And Finger Food

The Chic Boat is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the Thu Bon River in your own time and in your own way.


RT-017 Buffalo cart experience tour(3hrs)

Water buffalos play an integral role in the farming of rice, the most prolific form of agriculture in Vietnam.


RT-011 Hoi An Kayak Excursion With Floating Boat

Experience Hoi An river culture on our unique sunset kayak excursion.


RT-016 Hoi An Culinary River Cruise (3,5 hours)

Explore the wonderful Hoi An river culture and daily life while you immerse yourself in Hoi An food culture.


RT-015 Hoi An Wellness River Cruise (2,5 hours)

Water has long been associated with relaxation, good health and a general feeling of happiness. Enjoy a comprehensive wellness treatment on our Chic boat cruise on the picturesque Thu Bon River


RT-013 Countryside By Jeep Safari and Beach BBQ(3hrs)

Time 3 – 6 pm

Jump aboard our  US Military jeep to depart your hotel via country lanes and villages in Hoi An. Relax, feel the wind in your hair and soak up the scenery as the locals  tend their fields and livestock.