Highlands 1 day tours

Dalat, also known as "Le Petit Paris", is located 1,500m above sea level on Langbian plateau, was originally the playground of the French who built villas in the clear mountain air to escape the heat and humidity of the coast and of Saigon. Dalat's colonial influences can still be seen in its cathedral and some of the 2,000 French villas which dot the town.

The sleepy, friendly town of Kontum sits on the edge of the Dakbla River, is home to distinctive hill tribes such as the Bahnar, the J’rai and the Sedang.

As the first settlement discovered by French missionaries in the central highlands in 1848, the town still retains vestiges of ancient cathedral architecture.

Built from 1935 to 1938, the Kontum Monastery is constructed of wood. The architecture is a mix between a Bahnar stilt-house and a European-style cathedral.

The Kontum wooden church was built in 1913 by a French priest named Guise Decrouille. The church was constructed from hundreds of cubic metres of high-quality hardwoods such as rose-wood and ca chit, a valuable wood once in abundance right across the central highlands but quite rare these days.

Buon Ma Thuot is home to several intriguing and untouched minority villages. Ethnic people from the M'nong and Edeh tribes live on the shores of Lake Lak, a large natural lake formed by converging rivers and streams. Visitors can visit the villages by canoe where they can ride elephants through tropical rain forests. This area also famous for its rich aromatic coffee.

Ako Dhong Village is famous for its prosperity, and is often called "The village of tile-roofed houses".

The Ethnology museum is a good place to get some understanding of some 30 distinct ethnic groups residing in Dak Lak province. Displays at the museum feature traditional Mongtagnard dress, as well as agricultural implements, fishing gears, bows and arrows, weaving looms and musical instruments.

D’raysap is the name in the E De language which means the Fall of Mist. This meaning is derived from an observation that the powerful flow of the falling water is so fierce that when it hits the water surface below, the water foams. The continuous foaming of the water has made the falling water become a vaporous cloud of mist. The echo of the falling water is heard from a long distance throughout the year.

The largest of Vietnam's national parks, Yok Don NP encompasses about 60,000 hectares. It is home to nearly 70 animal species, 38 of which are listed as endangered in Indochina, and 17 of those species endangered worlwide. The park habitat accommodates some 200 different species of birds. There are about 17 ethnic groups here. The locals are mostly M'nong, a matrilineal tribe.

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Short city tour of Kontum Visiting villages (Full Day - RT505)

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Short city tour of Kon Tum (Full Day Tour - RT504)

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Short city tour of Kon Tum (Half Day - RT503)

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