Tu Lan 2-day private tour (2 Days - RT048)

From :
VND 7,810,000
(US$ 340)


  • You will enjoy exploring  Kim Cave, Hung Ton Cave and of course Tu Lan Cave. You’ll also be subjected to a decent amount of trekking of tough jungle terrain covered over the two days and plenty of swimming!
  • With climbing, trekking, and swimming through river caves, this will surely be a highlight of your travels in Vietnam.

Enjoy the beauty of the Tu Lan landscape as you trek past ancient limestone mountains, splash through streams, climb hills, and experience the excitement of caving by swimming through Hung Ton river cave. You can expect to be in awe at the giant formations inside the caves. Butteries dance around gracefully, as the waterfall gushes in the background at your private jungle camp.

This two-day trip is specically designed for those in search of a more relaxed-pace adventure, and great for families with younger children It can only be booked on a private basis allowing you to enjoy the jungle and trek at your own speed and comfort.

Swimming through dark river caves and sleeping overnight in the jungle will surely be a lasting memory of your time in Vietnam!


Day 1: Phong Nha - Tan Hoa - Hang Chuot - Hung Ton - To Mo

You’ll be picked up at your hotel in Phong Nha between 7:30 am and 8:00 am with your tour guide in tow, where it’s then off to travel back in time to the tiny village of Tan Hoa. A thorough safety brieng starts the tour, and then it’s a 2.5 km stroll across elds of peanuts, corn, and muddy water buffaloes.

A rocky climb leads up to the rst cave, Hang Chuot (Rat Cave), and after light exploration (300 m) there is a picnic lunch, followed by some steep climbing (60 m) and then a relaxing break at a scenic outlook on the jungle path. After a trek across the valley oor, Hung Ton Dry Cave is the next adventure on the list, followed by a full afternoon relaxing and swimming at the To Mo campsite waterfall. Enjoy dinner together, stories around the campre, and a good night’s sleep in hammocks strung up beside the beautiful waterfall.

Day 2: To Mo - Secret Cave - Tan Hoa - Phong Nha

After gaining energy from a big breakfast, a 450 m swim inside Kim Cave awaits, complete with small waterfalls inside. Return to camp for more swimming in the lagoon or a rest, while lunch is prepared. After lunch, it’s time to gear up for the last swim through Hung Ton Wet Cave (200 m), and then a hike into Hung Ton Valley. Follow the river through the valley

(500 m) and climb the mountain to Secret Cave (50 m). Squeeze through the entrance to explore what lies ahead in this mysterious cave (100 m). The adventure winds down with the climb down from Secret Cave, and the walk back (2.5 km) to cross the Rao Nan river and bufalo elds to reach the Tan Hoa headquarters.

Arrival in Tan Hoa is followed by a chance to take in the scenery and relax with a cold drink in hand. Showers are available for those who would like to clean up and change, and then departure back to Phong Nha is at around 4 pm, with arrival in Phong Nha by 5:30 pm.

Availability:  Daily Departures (excl. mid-September to mid-November)

Private Tours:  2 pax -  8 pax (private tours only/ minimum age 12 years)

Adventure Level

Our Tu Lan Caves & Jungle Experience is considered easy for anyone who is comfortable trekking a few kilometres and also condent swimming (though swimming can be limited on request). You will trek approximately 3-4 km via easy jungle paths and a few rocky climbs, and should feel comfortable having to climb through some tight passages, and also up/down a 15 m ladder (with safety rope) within the caves.

Never forget you are deep in the Vietnam jungle and the difficulty of this tour is also very dependent on the weather. It can get very cold during December to March (8 - 15 degrees Celsius) and very hot during June to August (32 - 38 degrees Celsius), not to mention anytime it rains the jungle becomes very slippery and muddy!

Safety is absolutely paramount on all trips operated by Oxalis Adventure Tours, and along with having the best caving equipment, you’ll be led by one of our expert adventure guides. This tour is suitable for children 12+ years old.

We will provide you with the following:

  • Camping gear: hammock/tent, camp light, sleeping bag
  • Caving & safety gear: caving helmet, caving headlight, life jacket, gloves
  • Light PVC backpack (if you do not want to take your own, as it will get wet)
  • Dry bag (for clothing and personal belongings excl. electronics)
  • Basic canvas trekking boots (only if you do not have your own pair) sizes 38 - 46
  • Meals: picnic lunches, breakfast (day 2), dinner (day 1)
  • Professional English-speaking tour guide and guide safety assistant
  • Porter team to carry all camping gear and prepare all meals
  • Shared dry box for phones and small cameras (limited availability for larger cameras)
  • Katadyn (Swiss-made) wate purier (used only by guide and porters) and water bottle
  • Basic camping facilities with eco-friendly compost toilet using western toilet seat
  • First Aid Kit and Medical Rescue Equipment (application by guides and porters only

Please also bring with you the following:

  • 1 long (easy to dry) pants and 1 long sleeved shirt to wear during the trek (quick dry)
  • 1 pair of shorts and t-shirt to wear at campsite and swim suit
  • 1 pair of trekking boots/shoes (if you prefer your own comfortable pair)
  • 1 pair of ip op (sandals) for campsite
  • 1 medium size towel
  • 2-3 pairs of calf length close weave socks (not ankle socks!)
  • Personal items: mosquito repellent, sunglasses, hat, camera, underwear, toiletries

If you are trekking in the colder months (December – March) please bring additional warm clothes for the evening and an extra change of long pants and shirt for swimming. 

  • Hung Ton Dry cave 1
  • Hung Ton Dry cave 2
  • Hung Ton Valley
  • Tan Hoa 2
  • Tan Hoa 3
  • Tan Hoa 4
  • Tan Hoa Homestay
  • Tan hoa 1
  • Tu Lan 1
  • Tu Lan 2
  • Tu Lan 3
  • Tu Lan 4
  • Tu Lan 5
  • Tu Lan 6
  • Tu Lan cave system 1
  • Tu Lan cave system 2
Validity Tour price per person Select your group size More than 10 pax
01/11/2019 - 31/12/2020
VND 7,810,000
(US$ 340 )
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*Please do let us know if your group have Children

No. of Children (Age 4 to 9) No. of Kids (Age under 4)
Total price

Discounted rates are available for larger groups; Please contact our travel consultants at sale1@rosetravelservice.com

Children’s Policy

  • Above 9 years old: Apply the same price as an adult.
  • From 4 to 9 years old: 50% of an adult tour price.
  • From 1 to 3 years old: Free of charge (only 1 child).
  • Please note the age of the child(ren) on Additional Information Form.
  • All children must be supervised by an adult at all times during the tour.
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