Hanoi 1 day tours

HANOI, is perhaps Asia’s most graceful and exotic capital city – a place of grand old boulevards and ancient pagodas where locals practice their tai-chi moves beside tree-fringed lakes. For all of its timeless charm, it’s also a 21st-century metropolis.

Things to do in Hanoi:

Temple of Literature - about 2km west of Hoan Kiem Lake, the Temple of Literature is a rare example of well-preserved traditional Vietnamese architecture.

Hoan Kiem Lake - the epicentre of old Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake is an enchanting body of water. Ngoc Son Temple sits on an island in Hoan Kiem Lake. The Thap Rua (Turtle Tower), on an islet near the southern end, is topped with a red star and is often used as an emblem of Hanoi. Every morning at around 6am local residents practise traditional t’ai chi on the shore.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology-  is one of the country’s premier museums. Occupying a fine modern structure, the terrific collection features well-presented tribal art, artefacts and everyday objects gathered from across the nation. For anyone with an interest in Vietnam’s minorities, it’s an essential visit – though it is located way out in the suburbs.

From : VND 1,733,500
(US$ 75)

Muong Hum Sunday Market (RT310)

Exploring the colorful markets in the mountains makes for an exciting day trip from Sapa. Leaving early, you have the chance to see the sunrise as you head through indescribable mountain scenery and watch as the local villages wake up.


From : VND 1,462,000
(US$ 64)

Hanoi Handicraft Villages (RT306)

The Hanoi vicinity has many handicraft villages that you can visit. These villages specialize in a wide variety of crafts ranging from the making of conical 'non' hats to the production of fine lacquer wares.


From : VND 1,499,000
(US$ 65)

Hanoi Orientation (RT305)

Get immersed and ignite your trip in Vietnam with a different city tour experience. Our [easy-to-schedule] half day modules have been designed to offer…