Why Choose Us

Passionate Travel

The team at Rose Travel is passionate about Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and excited to share our amazing country with you. We can make your trip to Indochina an unforgettable experience!

Custom-Tailored Trips

Each tour is tailored just for you and your family. We can customize any itinerary to better suit your needs or build a brand new trip from scratch.

Support Service

We can assist you anytime if any problems arise while you’re traveling with us. We understand the importance of giving attention to even the smallest of details.

Beautiful Places

We tour the stunning countryside, visit fishing villages, explore the handicrafts and lives of the local people.

Value for Money

Our pricing is updated constantly to ensure you get the best price available online or at your destination – 100% guaranteed. You will enjoy access to the most competitive prices.

Knowledgeable Staff

With an average tenure of 10 years, our team can help you with all your enquiries that will leave you feeling you have experienced the “real” Indochina.