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Ancient and peaceful, Hoi An is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam that caters to travellers of all tastes and across the continents. The little town is just the perfect candidate of what Vietnam tourism ministry is aiming to show to the world.

Warm-hearted, welcoming and traditional, but never out of touch with the outside world, the people of Hoi An are in overdrive mode trying to catch up to the opportunities their new found fame has recently given them.

Hoi An tours are ideal for travellers looking to experience the local culture and history of the UNESCO-listed coastal town. Between the 15th and 19th century, Hoi An was a prominent Vietnamese trading port for silk, porcelain, pepper, cinnamon, and medicinal plants due to its proximity to the Thu Bon River. Today, this well-preserved town hosts traditional Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and French buildings as well as ornate Buddhist temples, traditional markets, and interesting museums.

From : VND 1,695,000
(US$ 74)

Hoi An Cooking Class Session And Market Tour (5 Hours - RT037)

We have created something a little different from the rest.. We wish to give you more of a rounded experience, in the journey to, and process of buying local produce, ...


From : VND 1,224,000
(US$ 53)

Tastes Of My Son Sanctuary AND Tra Que Vegetable Village (Full Day - RT036)

Full Day Combine a tour to the UNESCO protected holy site of My Son Sanctuary with an afternoon in a unique countryside village famous for its fresh local produce.


From : VND 1,248,000
(US$ 54)

Hoi An Countryside AND Cooking Full Day Tour (Full Day - RT007)

Full Day This day-long excursion combines a bicycle tour of coconut palm fringed villagers, a coracle tour of the waterways, with a unique opportunity to learn about the cultivation...